This is not only a simple blog it is tribute to A.P.J Abdul Kalam for making Quality Education life for students.  so please support us to improve Quality in Education at the college level.

                    M.B.A was born with the goodness of the Peter. F. Dugler but it is not in the desire shape of which he needed. And after completing this professional course every student used to say “I am not able to get the job with this course, even though I scored good marks” this course is not meant for marks it is a pure structure of managing skill to regain  the previous growl I am trying my will to improve it.

Research and Development Department

             In every college there will be only training and development cell only, but the aim of the M.B.A is to train the Entrepreneurs so I am [ Mr. Sai Chandu. Kandati ] like to present you Research and development Department for M.B.A. This is the improved system of Training and placement.